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            ABOUT US

            Industry as a new recruit, Quality as a pacesetter, Innovation and perseverance,Let's join hands to create a bright future!

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            About Us

            Hebei Qixing Engineering Rubber Plastic Co., Ltd. is in the original Hebi Qixing Engineering Rubber Co., based on the completion of the restructuring renamed,Company address relocation by the Hebi city Dongyang industrial zone of Hengshui city to Jingxian County Qibin District of Hebei province Longhua Industrial Zone,The organization code of the company is still the original code,The year of the implementation of the south to North Water Diversion Project, the company was established in December.
            The company devotes to the engineering rubber plastic research and development, the production.The company has 206 employees, including 32 professional and technical personnel, 2 senior engineers, 12 engineers, registered capital of 10 million 200 thousand yuan, covers an area of more than 12000 square meters, the total assets of 36 million yuan.With advanced production equipment, complete testing equipment, strong technical force, and in Hebei, Hengshui, Cangzhou built a branch.In order to serve as a professional manufacturer for the south to North Water Diversion Project, we have developed and developed a special channel type reverse stop (flap gate, ball) type drainer,Heat insulation anchoring expansion bolt for fixing thermal insulation plate,The company has successfully applied for 3 national patents, and accepted 2 items, providing technical and product support for better service engineering.
            Extruded polystyrene insulation board, double component polysulfide sealant, permeable hose, replaceable backstop, heat insulation bolt, expansion bolt and so on.The product has stable quality and excellent performance, and has passed the relevant national inspection.We look forward to investment, focus on market demand, strive to do fine and strong.
            Rely on quality to occupy the market, pay attention to reputation, win cooperation, and gain benefits with scientific management. Let us create brilliance together!

            About us

            The company is mainly engaged in river and lake management, slope, mountain, tailings green ecological restoration engineering and production of protective blanket, gravity membrane bag, gabion net, waterproof blanket, geomembrane and other materials


            Enterprise tenet: Science and technology oriented, create value;Enterprise spirit: dedication, cooperation and innovation;The principle of employment: to develop both morality and talent, and to take morality as the first...

            Plant appearance

            Hebei Qixing Ecological Technology Development Co., Ltd,The registered capital is 126 million yuan, covering an area of more than 33000 square meters. With advanced production equipment, perfect testing equipment, strong technical force.